iDeals vs Digify Virtual Data Room

Choosing reliable software for your company requires a carefully thought-out approach. It is quite difficult to choose among a huge variety of products that can optimize the company’s work, so it is not surprising that there are a lot of tips on how to choose a virtual data room for your company. Reviews and comparisons of different software products are popular among customers because they help to see the pros and cons of different data rooms in an accessible form. Compare the capabilities of two of the best data rooms on the market today – iDeals and Digify to find out which one has more advantages.


What are the advantages of iDeals?

iDeals is considered one of the best virtual data rooms on the market today for a reason. It has many advantages that can be used equally well by small companies and large corporations. In particular, the main advantages of the data room include:

  • cross-platform – data room works well on different user devices, adapts to screen resolution, and integrates with different operating systems;
  • availability – customers from all over the world can take advantage of data room options regardless of the specifics and scale of business, there are several service packages and a free trial version;
  • intuitive interface and a wide enough choice of working tools.

In addition, the developers of iDeals offer their customers almost 24/7 support and are able to promptly solve any problem.


What attracts Digify customers?

Digify has quite a few clients all over the world, who have already appreciated the convenience of using this virtual room. The main advantages of the data room include:

  • Ease of use – it is not necessary to spend too much time and have the special technical knowledge to study the interface features;
  • Focused on different representatives of business – from small companies to large ones;
  • High level of protection of confidential files.

Despite these advantages, Digify has a few peculiarities in its use. users point out that the platform is more focused on the protection and exchange of confidential files, while other useful options still need to be finalized. Also, 24-hour technical support is not available, but this is compensated for by the promptness of its work at a set time.

In our opinion, it is a bit incorrect to point out the competition between iDeals vs Digify, since both platforms work almost identically, except for a few minor peculiarities. Choosing a particular software product should always be based only on your company’s requirements, so before making a final purchase, we advise making a clear list of your main tasks and requirements and comparing it with the main technical characteristics of the platform. Also, we recommend getting acquainted with the experience of using these platforms of other clients – they will tell about the basic features of each of them, how much the characteristics declared by developers correspond to reality, and what you should be ready for in the process of practical use of the platform.